AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #138-140 (1974-1975): 1st Grizzly and Mind Worm

So, after a few of the best issues ever, we get a few stinkers.  

It starts with #138, in which we meet Mindworm–the silliest Spider-Villain ever.  He’s a mutant with tele-empathy.  

Spider-Man feels sad about Harry Osborn being locked up, Mindworm senses it and starts to psychically attack Peter, and Spidey literally boxes his ears and wins the battle.

And speaking of silly villains…

Grizzly!  And he’s working with…

Jackal! Who dances in his underwear!

It’s a goofy villain trifecta!

Okay, so none of that is good, but we do get the first regular black female castmember: The first appearance of Gloria Grant, Peter’s hot neighbor.

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