Power Pack #18 and Thor #363 (1986): Secret Wars II

Everybody gets a turn in the “Secret Wars II” box, and this time The Beyonder forces Power Pack to include him in their story.  You know, he tried his hand at love, total domination, etc., but really his power was inserting himself into ongoing storylines.

Anyway, Louse Simonson is a total pro and makes the absolute best of it by tying into her husband’s now-classic Thor run.  (“I’ll see your editorially mandated crossover, and raise you one creator initiated crossover!”) 

Beyonder has empowered Kurse, a Dark Elf, and the dude is cold kicking ass in the pages of Secret Wars II #6. 

The Power Pack kids’ mom is hurt during Kurse’s brawls across Manhattan, and Beyonder lets them know.

Beyonder flies Mom Power to the hospital, which is odd because (a) he could teleport her there or (b) he could just heal her instantly.

So, Power Pack goes after him. But Kurse is too strong. And so it’s time for Thor to join in.

So Beyonder gives him a power-up.

In the end, it takes Thor, Beta Ray Bill, and the Pack to defeat Curse, and Beyonder sends the villain to Hel. 

But at the real end of the issue, one of the most revolutionary and radical things in the history of Thor happens…

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