Tales of Suspense #59 (1964): 1st Jarvis

No. Just no. Wasp deserves better than this.

With these issues, this book is a split. On the Iron Man side, Black Knight breaks out of prison and Iron Man puts him back there.

The story also introduces a subplot where Tony Stark is trapped inside his armor because he needs it to support his heart.

The Cap side is much better–and it’s drawn by Jack Kirby.

Cap is sad.

So he is served coffee by a polite bald butler…The first appearance of Jarvis!

They talk for a bit. Then…

Then the mansion is invaded. At first, Cap is captured.

But of course he gets free.

And so, Cap has a pretty generic adventure against a bunch of toughs. The way Jack draws it, Cap is barely putting in effort.

And he still manages to literally punch them across the room.

Kirby is great in this issue.

Really this is about reestablishing himself as a character in the Marvel Universe, with some nice character work where Cap is wondering what his role should be in this Century.

Grades: Iron Man gets a C-. Cap gets a C+. So overall, a C.

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