TALES OF SUSPENSE #64-65 (1965): Iron Man stories; Black Widow Returns

Black Widow returns, and now she’s a lot more like Spider-Man.

She’s also wearing the costume she’ll be in for a while.

Hawkeye doesn’t recognize her in her new duds.

She is on assignment from the USSR…To kill Iron Man! Uh-oh!

And she wants Hawkeye’s help. She missed him so much, she modeled her mask after his…

Riiiiiiiight. Clint, how do you fall for this crap?

Widow now has souped-up equipment:

Despite the improved look and weapons, she uses a tired old tactic: Kidnapping Pepper and Happy.

But perhaps she hopes that a run-of-the-mill hostage exchange will lull Iron Man into a false sense of security.

But it turns out, Iron Man also has souped armor.

And so the villains fail. Again.

And Black Widow blames it on Hawkeye.

“Because of your love I failed”? Sounds pretty codependent to me.

Issue #65 is unrelated, but I’m covering in a single post because #64-65 are a two part Captain America story (covered here).

a thief steals Tony Stark’s briefcase, which apparently isn’t locked or otherwise protected, and gets Tony’s armor, so Tony puts on his old suit and it’s Iron Man vs. Iron Man.

Neat story, but it moves pretty fast.  There was lots of potential for more here.

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