Starhawk has been jumping between genders and identities, calling one Aleta and the other Starhawk. Now, apparently, she is beginning to unify her identity.

Vance has some angst.

When Beyonder appears.

Now, I loved the first Secret Wars as much as the next guy. But since then, every Beyonder story has been annoying and/or unreadable.

The exceptions are those where Beyond “helps” humans reach full potential, like when he gave Daredevil the gift of sight (in issue #223).

In this tory, he gives Major Victory some extra oomph. The story’s not bad. I liked when they met the reanimated skeleton of Wolverine, who looks like Terminator.

And also Loki. 

He’s pretty much the same creep as present-day, Earth -616 Loki.

Future Thor looks like this:


Again, none of this is canon for the 616 Universe, so I’m not summarizing much at all. But it’s fun to see them go to Asgard and then, as the cliffhanger, decide to take the fight to Beyonder where he lives…

The Guardians books flow directly into each other so I’ll just arbitrarily break here, since the Asgard/Loki story ends in #43.

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