Marvel Comics Presents #17-24: Cyclops (1989)

The next character to get a serialized story in MCP (as opposed to a single-issue 8-page story) is Cyclops.

Actually, it’s really a Moira McTaggert story.  She’s been hypnotized by Master Mold, and when Scott goes to Muir Island to recover after the events of Inferno—where his wife Madelyne was killed—he and Banshee find out that Moira is under the influence of Master Mold, who is piloting a mutant-destroying virus that will also kill almost all humans on Earth.

Callisto and Banshee also get involved, and of course the evil plot is foiled.

I get that this is an MCP story, so it’s trying to give screen time to people who don’t usually carry their own titles, but a virus that will destroy nearly all life on Earth seems to warrant more than just these few heroes.  There’s a little character work, but, honestly, Cyclops isn’t a great character: He’s plagued with guilt, but always about the wrong things.  For example, he didn’t kill Madelyne—she died as a result of the Inferno invasion.  But he did treat both her and Jean Grey like crap, and he’s not doing anything to repair his relationship with Jean.

Note that the cover to #23 calls him “Cyclops of X-Factor” and not “of the X-Men.” I thought that was strange.

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