This was a twice-a-month miniseries that attempted to clean up a whole bunch of time-travel/virus issues while also trying to make people care about Gambit and Bishop. It didn’t work. It was terrible.

In short, we learned that Stryfe created the techno-organic virus and he thinks Cable is trying to kill him for doing it. We might have already known that though. I just don’t remember because the whole virus storyline has gone on forever without ever really being rewarding.

Anyway it turns out it wasn’t Stryfe after all.

Or maybe it was. I really just don’t care.

For some reason, Bishop and Gambit want to prevent Cable from killing Stryfe at a “nexus” period in time that will prevent Stryfe from doing all sorts of bad shit. I’m really not clear on why.

Stryfe kills himself in the end to prevent himself from doing bad stuff.

So in other words, this whole thing is as pointless as just about every other Gambit or Bishop story thus far.

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