FANTASTIC FOUR #66-67 (1967): 1st Adam Warlock (Him)

In #66, we see Reed Richards getting bendy with some science-y looking equipment. 

Meanwhile, we know Alicia has wandered off with some weirdoes into another dimension.

Thing thinks it’s because of his looks.

He needs to learn how to use his words when he communicates about his feelings.

Honestly, the story makes no sense whatsoever.  But it’s the first appearance of Adam Warlock:

He goes by the name “Him,” but eventually he’ll become Warlock. He was created by some scientists who go by the group name Enclave. He emerges from the cocoon on the cover and kills the scientists.

Here’s a cool panel of Human Torch absorbing energy. 

So many word balloons, though, obscuring the art.

Also, Ben says it’s clobberin’ time. He also eats pancakes.

I have a tag for whenever Hulk eats. I wish I’d made one for Thing, because it’s usually just as silly and funny. I guess I can start it now, with this appearance, and just add to it going forward.

The breakfast scene is actually pretty good–Human Torch is as bad to women as Reed.

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  1. After this story Kirby turns off the hose of new ideas until he leaves Marvel. He thought Lee’s changes were egregious and was sick of his generally shabby treatment.


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