INCREDIBLE HULK #462-464 (1998)

Last issue, General Ross changed from the strategy he’d been using for over 450 issues of this series and, instead of fighting Hulk, talked him into surrendering.

He takes Banner to a secret base–on a crucifix.

He then starts explaining to officials like Henry Peter Gyrich that maybe Bruce Banner can be their ally, and that might enable them to control Hulk–so he is bringing his daughter (and Bruce Banner’s wife) Betty to the facility.

When Bruce hugs her, he gets bigger. I can’t believe Marvel editorial let Peter David get away with that joke.

Banner can only Hulk out part of the time now, so Armageddon and the Troyjans , who are watching, attack–believing Hulk is now more vulnerable. But of course he changes into Hulk, and we get a multi-issue war of Hulk–joined by Silver Surfer–against the Troyjans.

In the end, we learn that Armageddon was responsible for resurrecting General Ross, using tech he found at the ruins of the old Pantheon site, and he wants to use that same tech to resurrect his son Trauma–who was killed by Hulk. But apparently they need Hulk as the power source.

The resurrection fails–sabotaged by Hulk–and Armageddon swears revenge, telling Hulk that after he kills him, nobody will love him enough to resurrect him–the way Armageddon loved his own son.

Also: Doc Samson is trying to get Hulk amnesty for the second time.

Presidential guest appearance! (And hey, if he could pardon Mark Rich, he could pardon Hulk.)

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