DAREDEVIL #37-38, FANTASTIC FOUR #73 (1967-1968): DD Switches Bodies with Dr. Doom!

A ridiculous premise turns into a pretty good comic: Dr. Doom body switches with Daredevil! A multi-issue epic that ends in the pages of F4, with guest shots by just about everyone.

It starts with a powerful example Doom’s evil:

daredevil vs doctor doom

He does not comply with traffic rules.

Once they meet, Doom beats Daredevil easily. Which he should. DD doesn’t have any kind of super strength. Nice to see a comic where DD doesn’t beat someone up who is exponentially more powerful than him.

It’s not hard to tell, after the switch, that Daredevil’s body is occupied by Doom.

And guess how the switch happens? By sticking the characters in clear tubes! (See my “tag” below–clear tubes are a Marvel trope.)

Then, acting as Daredevil, Doom attacks the FF while Daredevil, in the body of Doom, tries to warn them.

And during the battle, Reed gives Daredevil some on-the-nose career advice.

Spider-Man comes upon the fun

And he gets Thor to help, too.

This really felt like an extended annual. Big, fun, and stupid.

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