X-FACTOR #115-116 (1995)

This issue starts with Havok remembering how a Shi’Ar craft downed a plane he and Scott were in as kids. Y’all know I love any opportunity to use my “plane crash” tag (see below). The brothers get drunk together and beat up some locals. Meanwhile, Dark Beast is still lurking about. He sends Random to go get Havok.

More importantly, Mystique is now a (sorta) member of the group, but she’s still a viullain so she’s trying to find ways to undermine them and hits on Forge.

Wild Child is also with the team and also has a sketchy past, which catches up to him in the form of Aurora, who still wants him as her boyfriend.

I forgot that she and Wild Child used to be a thing. Gross.

Aurora has decided that if he won’t be her lover, she’ll kill Wild Child, and Northstar seems to think that Wild Child has himself to blame…

It’s common for heroes to punch each other instead of talking, but this is a particularly dumb fight.

And of course it doesn’t accomplish anything.

Look how similar are the covers of these two issues…

Seems lazy.

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