X-MEN UNLIMITED #6 (1994): Lykos separated from Sauron

One writer, four(!) layout artist, and half a dozen pencilers, including Al Milgrom. Even more if you count the pin-ups at the end (which I did not). It took all these people to draw an unimportant, inconsequential story about Sauron.

He’s looking for energy sources, so his Mutates Whiteout and Worm kidnap Havok. They do it by forcing him to crash his Blackbird.

The X-Men love crashing their vehicles. (See tag below.)

Some X-Men try to save Havok, and get captured, too.

The girls are in chains. Bondage!

To escape, Jean Grey does some mind whammy jammy that appears to pull Karl Lykos’ mind out of Sauron, leaving Sauron as a simple dinosaur. Lykos kills himself, and Sauron flies off.

I love that Havok says, “It’s like nothing ever ends for us.” Very meta, and so true. The ’90s are a plodding, hyperactive, overcrowded mess.

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