PUNISHER #8-9 (1988)

Punisher decides to go after white collar criminals while someone is murdering homeless people on the street. 

His rationale, above, is that white collar criminals hurt a broader span of people, which makes sense.  But, of course, it backfires when one of Punisher’s friendly-but-homeless informants is killed.

And, of course, the slasher storyline ends up connecting to the rich villain.  He has a huge bodyguard.

Having the evil rich guy also be responsible for street crimes is a bit of a clunky plot point that basically avoids what could have been a more interesting moral dilemma for Punisher.

But what may be most interesting is Punisher’s use of an improvised explosive device.

This technique of rolling below an armored vehicle, because the bottoms are generally unarmored, is exactly what soldiers faced during the occupation of Iraq in the 2010s.  Very realistic.

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