TOMB OF DRACULA #54-58 (1977): It’s a Boy!

It’s Christmas Eve, and Dracula’s wife Domini gives birth to a baby boy.

Now, having a baby is when most TV shows go off the rails.  How does Tomb of Dracula, which recently went from good to great, fare against this shark-jumping risk?  Pretty well.

Note the golden skin color.  A couple issues ago, Dracula was attacked by an angel with golden skin, Janus, who seemed to be a version of Jesus Christ.  Having a baby with the same skin color freaks Dracula out.

And the fact that the Satanic Cult now wants to worship his son–rather than him–is also a bother.  As readers, we know that the cultists wanted this all along.  We also know that Dracula was pretending to be the devil to trick them into worshipping him, so he’d have solid, non-vamp followers.  So Dracula’s son quickly becomes a problem for him.

Meanwhile, the Tomb team of Drac hunters debates how to get to him when he’s surrounded by cultists who will protect his baby at all costs.

Yes, those are the main developments over several issues.  Along the way, we continue to get very good (and sometimes great) shorter tales and stories about individual cast members (like Blade gets a solo story) that are interwoven with the ongoing events, horror-type stories that are different from what the “usual” horror mags present.

This book continues to be excellent, never disappointing.

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