The storyline here involves the murder of an abused child, and obvious character parallels connect to Justice, who killed his own father.

The girl was a runaway, living on the street. What street?

Yancy Street!

Of course he solves the crime in the end. Hate Monger is involved.

Other things that happen are a flashback of listening to Pearl Jam…

…And a wedding:

Justice marries Firestar. And the wedding is quiet and quick and NOT interrupted by any supervillains. That’s pretty rare in the 616.

And there’s a very brief interlude where Captain America lets Vance hold his shield. Not important now, but it will be important in the future timeline where Vance becomes the man who holds the shield, when he is on the Guardians on the Galaxy team.

With this series ending, Fabian Niceiza quits writing New Warriors. He had been a founding creator of the book, and it was pretty strong throughout his multi-year reign.

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