CABLE #12-14 (1994): Fear and Loathing

Lee Forrester returns. Don’t remember her? I didn’t either. But she’s the only character who slept with both Cyclops and Magneto. And now she tries to sleep with Cable (until she learns he is Cyclops’ son).

We start with her being attacked by the Acolyte Senyaka. She’s rescued by Cable, who kills Senyaka (or seems to anyway) using telekinesis and sharp sticks.

In other words, he shish-ka-bobs him.

Senyaka was after her because she was connected to Magneto.

Together, they then have to get out of the Everglades’ swamp on foot. No Man-Thing, sadly. But Forrester does get her rematch with D’Spayre. And Belasco is with him. Belasco recruits Cable to take down S’ym, and when it’s over, Belasco and D’Spayre go back to their own dimensions.

Putting to one side that their adventure is started with an Acolyte attack, it’s nice to have a Cable story that is mostly self-contained and not full of dozens of overmuscled guys with huge guns.

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