HAWKEYE #1-4 (1983): 1st Oddball, Bombshell; Hawkeye and Mockingbird wed; Hawkeye goes deaf

This is my favorite Mark Gruenwald story ever. He wrote and drew it. It’s just a fun ride with a character who has been around for a long time but really never got much attention.

It’s also the series where he first got romantically involved with Mockingbird–and elevated her from an unknown side-character in Ka-Zar.

It starts with him having the position of head of security for Cross Technology, but of course he gets fired, uncovers corruption, fights super-baddies who are protecting the corporation’s secrets, and, along the way, joins up with Mockingbird.

And they elope in issue #4.

Yes, their relationship moves very, very fast.

But that’s where this story ends. Let’s go to the beginning, where we find Hawkeye off The Avengers and working a cush security job.

Mockingbird breaks in.

After she beats up Hawkeye, they talk.

Mockingbird reveals that Hawkeye’s employer is into some bad stuff. She also understands what makes him hot.

Along the way, Hawkeye goes partially deaf.

There are mercs that protect the secrets.

The main villains are Oddball and Bombshell, debuting here. They’re more than a little silly. He uses balls. She has little wrist blasts/bombs.

Bobbi and Clint get strapped to a wall.

And Crossfire returns in issue #4 as the big bad.

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