Marvel Comics Presents #131 (1993): Wolverine and Ant-Man

Every issue of Marvel Comics Presents has a Ghost Rider installment-story and a Wolverine installment-story.  Except issue #131. Instead, we get an 8-page standalone Wolverine tale by James Felder and Dennis Jensen (never heard of either of them) where Logan is back in Madripoor and gets in a barfight at Tiger Tyger’s place.

And then issue #131 has a second 8-pager, and it’s a hidden gem. 

Sandy Plunkett writes, pencils, and inks a story where Scott Lang gets into a food fight with a latch-key kid.

It’s the kind of innocent story that Marvel excelled at in the 1980s and has all but abandoned in the ‘90s era of huge guns and muscles.  Grade: A+

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