AVENGERS WEST COAST #92-95 (1993): War Machine joins

Issue #92 is mostly self-contained, and titled, “When Goliaths Clash!”

Guess what it’s about?

Eric Josten and Clint Barton fight. It starts at the end, and tells the tale in flashbacks.

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that right after Mockingbird called off the divorce, Clint returned to his grow-power abilities and stopped using tiny arrows as a penis substitute?

Anyway, she clearly supports her man in this sequence…(or does she–this Mockingbird is actually a skrull, I think)…

And USAgent is lonely.

Nothing terrible here, nothing great. Attempts at character-based issues that feature USAgent are bound to be … Less than stellar. He’s a character who has never made sense, and every writer treats him very, very differently.

At the very end of the issue, we learn that Doctor Demonicus is back–that leads directly into the larger arc of #93-95. It will add some details to Spider-Woman’s backstory, as her daughter is kidnapped.

A hodge-podge of heroes join and quit the team (Iron Man comes back, Darkhawk helps out, Wonder Man quits, War Machine joins…) Dr. Demonicus brings an equally eclectic mix to the villain side. 

But there’s really no good reason to be reading this.  None of it matters.  And the writing is terrible.  Like this scene, where USAgent wrestles with hitting a female.

When both the “focus on character” story and the big action story are bland and forgettable, you know you have a problem.

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