A very nice cover by Kaare Andrews!

Robot Master returns!  Remember him?  That’s ok, Paul Jenkins is a good writer.  You don’t have to remember him to follow along.

Robots created by Stromm have decapitated him but kept him alive.

The only thing that will stop the robots from taking over all electric devices in the city—and killing lots of people–is to kill Stromm’s head.

But instead of killing Stromm, Peter Parker enlists some whiz kids to give the robots a virus.

Although Spider-Man is less the hero here than are the programmers, this is a good story for this point in the hero’s life: Mary Jane is still “dead,” and throughout the tale Peter is wrestling with the fact that she kept asking him to quit being Spider-Man and he didn’t do it.  So to have him solve the problem here without his costume is particularly poignant.

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