X-MEN UNLIMITED #32 (2001)

Three stories in this issue. Actually, it’s really only two stories because the first feature, on Dazzler, doesn’t have a story. It’s just a TV special about Dazzler that sums up much of her history. There is a funny framing sequence where Hulk goes to a bar and demands that the owner put it on the TV. Other than on TV, Dazzler doesn’t appear in the feature until the last panel, where we see that she is still with Longshot, in the Mojoverse, babysitting the X-Babies.

On the cover above, note that The Simpsons’ “comic book guy” character is on the cover. Nice.

The second story is a short piece on Nightcrawler where he stops a shooting in a church. Very nice Deodato art.

Then finally a Starjammers story that’s pretty much the same as most Starjammers stories. They rescue a princess who crushes on Corsair.

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