Marville #1-6 (2002)

Marville is not canon and it’s terrible.  There are attempts to by satirical, all of which fall flat.  The premise is that Ted Turner and Jane Fonda give birth to Superman.  Then it goes on to tell some silly and stupid stories that are not funny, with almost every issue having a skin-teasing cover, until you get to the last page where publisher and writer Bill Jemas tries to tell you that this book was an act of altruism, not ego…

It also launches the revival of Epic Comics, which was a short-lived attempt to let Marvel make Image/Vertigo type comics.

I don’t generally cover books that exist outside the 616, but I had to include this one as a warning: Nobody should read this.

Tags: Not canon, publisher crossovers, bulletins

Creators: Bill Jemas, mark Bright

Grade: F

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