Spectacular Spider-Man #149 (1989)

The most important part—and the only part worth reading—in this issue is that the Lobo Brothers, who have been introduced as a couple guys messing with Kingpin (and one of them is dating Gloria Grant of the Daily Bugle), using an actual black wolfman as part of their enterprise.  So it looks like they’re not just normal humans.

In this year’s annual, we learned that the Gwen Stacy clone was actually a creation of High Evolutionary.

This issue has Peter Parker wondering, “What about Carrion?” In other words: Was he a clone of Miles Warren? (Yes, yes he was.)

The whole Miles Warren clone thing was never very good, and neither is this comic, which has a guy named Malcolm McBride breaking into Warren’s old lab, finding one of his potions, and turning into a new Carrion.  He gets beaten up by the end of the issue.

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