THOR #28-29 (2000)

I know I don’t usually tag inkers. I really should. But if I start now, then all my old posts will be different. It’s so hard running a site as important as this one. Anyway, Klaus Janson has been inking this series and I love him. I say this because the art team changes across these issues, and wanted to acknowledge Janson. Now, as for Thor #28:

Thor and the Warriors Three eat ice cream. And this panel is perhaps the greatest Warriors Three panel ever. Hogun wants to get drunk. Fandral wants to get laid. And Volstagg wants more Rocky Road.

The Asgardians then walk the streets of New York, saying hello to kids, eating hot dogs, and then fighting the Wrecking Crew. The Crew have new powers now–they can absorb energy. I don’t really like this shift. The Crew are good when they just break stuff. Now, Thunderball is able to kill Hogun by absorbing his power.

That’s the cliffhanger for #28, and #29 brings on Andy Kubert (and Scott Hanna as inker).

Hela awaits the arrival of Hogun. But Sif crafts a potion to save Hogun’s life.

Then Thor becomes a one-man wrecking crew on the Wrecking Crew.

Technically, Hogun’s life isn’t saved until next issue (#31), but that issue also begins a new story about the Casket of Ancient Winters.

Or “Cask,” as Jagrfelm calls it. Yes, this is the weapons-maker for Thor. Malekith kills him. to get the Casket.

That will become the focus of a bigger story, so we’ll end this post here. I will say, though, that Dan Jurgens’ run on Thor continues to surprise me with its quality. I never hear people talk about it being a great run, but it is.

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