Marvel Two-In-One #29-34 (1977): Spider Woman, Invisible Girl, Shang Chi, Nighthawk

Thing is still lugging Deathlok’s rotting body around with him, looking for a cure for his condition. 

Doesn’t Thing live with one of the smartest men on the planet?  I guess it might make sense, him not going to Reed Richards, though, if you think of how many times Reed said he could fix Thing’s body situation only to make it worse. 

So OK, he’s on the road.  And oddly enough, he brought his blind, nonpowered girlfriend with him.  I guess she wanted to experience the trip, seeing as how Thing’s next stop is London, England, to see an expert in cybernetics who gets kidnapped and Shang Chi arrives to assist.

But first they fight, of course.

How the hell can he possibly go toe-to-toe with Thing for two pages? 

Anyway, it turns out Hydra is behind the kidnapping.  And one thing about Hydra…

They don’t joke.

They go after Alicia, and we move to the next issue where… 

…Spider-Woman gets involved.  She’s still a double agent.

And she is the one who snatches up Alicia.

Hydra have the formula that created Spider-Woman and they use it on Alicia.

And so it is Thing vs. Alicia.

It doesn’t work out as Hydra planned…Yeah, she gets turned into a mutated spider-demon thing because Hydra is trying to clone Spider-Woman and they got it very, very wrong. 

Then Invisible Girl arrives to help Thing. Then… 

Nighthawk is also in England because, why not?

Eventually, Alicia is cured. And Deathlok is cured and SHIELD takes control of him, so it’s time to go home to the US.

But, before Thing can leave England, Kyle Richmond’s board of directors have a meeting there at the same time, so Nighthawk is in England to help Thing fight a monster who terrorizes a village until the villagers kill the monster and Nighthawk shames them.

Really, dude?  That thing looked scary and was grabbing kids.

The story is just stupid in this arc.  But I like Ron Wilson’s art.  And you gotta love this interaction between Shang and Thing.

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