WOLVERINE #142-143 (1999): Guardian clone dies

Wolverine teams up with the new Alpha Flight (whose members are just the original Alpha Flight members) against AIM. MODOK is in charge of this AIM cell, and he also has Kane–the new Weapon X.

Do you care? Should you care?

No. The answer to both questions is “no.”

But here’s what you might care about: The original James Hudson returns (he’s dead! he’s alive!) and his clone (he’s a clone!) dies–blown up in his battlesuit, just like the original James Hudson did way back in the wonderful Alpha Flight #12.

Turns out, AIM had the original Hudson’s body. How? I don’t know and don’t really care anymore. They keep bringing him back to life and then revealing it’s not him or killing him or whatever. His death and life are meaningless now. The memory of AF#12 has been cheapened beyond redemption.

They also find Snowbird in a tube at the AIM base.

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