JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #503-513 (1996-1997)

I’m not sure what I, or anyone, did to deserve Tom DeFalco getting the chance to produce a comic about his Lost Gods taking over Asgard and Red Norvell being the main Thor. I mean, didn’t he already work with “New Gods” and create Thunderstrike, and wasn’t that all bad enough?

And yet, here we are. Thor is dead (but not really). Enchantress is sad.

And I am sad because now the “Lost Gods” get twelve issues of their own comic, each one worse than the one before it. This is it for them, though. We won’t be bothered by them again. They manage to take Asgard, but eventually Odin comes back and kicks all their asses. And speaking of asses, Lorelei and Enchantress renew their hatred for each other.

It appears that a happy ending is coming, with Odin and the Asgardians returning to their homeland, but then there’s a big explosion and they’re all gone. That’s to be continued in the Avengers post-Heroes Return reboot. In the meantime, this becomes an anthology book for a bit.

Really bad comics. Mike Deodato’s art doesn’t help because it’s actually not him. It’s “Deodato Studios.” And anyway they’re replaced by Sal Buscema, who also can’t save this DeFalco monstrosity.

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