AVENGERS UNPLUGGED #1-6 (1995-1996)

Check out the splash page to #2. They misspelled the names of both the writer and inker. Sigh.

You know what? If Marvel didn’t care about these comics then I won’t, either. Each issue is self contained, but I’m batching them.

Also, I don’t know why this miniseries is called “unplugged,” but each issue was under a buck.

In issue #1, the team escorts Nefarious to be imprisoned in The Vault. Nefarious was also the original Moonstone, and for some reason I can’t comprehend, they walk him by the prison cell of his daughter. He breaks out. She breaks out. There are some big fights.

The villains are recaptured in the end.

In #2, Graviton’s powers go haywire and they beat him up.

#3 had potential: It’s a girl team-up. Just Black Widow and Crystal, taking on a new version of Super Adaptoid. During the issue, we get a teaser that Crusher Creel is coming for #3. He’s one of my favorite villains, so maybe #4 is better?

It is, but only at the margins. Creel gets married to Titania. It’s a huge wedding with lots of guest stars, and She-Hulk renews her rivalry with Creel’s bride. The title of the story is “The Old Ball and Chain.” Credit where it’s due, I love that.

Issue #5 has Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel. They fight. But only because Captain Marvel is controlled by Controller.

Who gets a little rape-y. Captain Marvel also fights Deathcry.

Issue #6 has Black Knight’s evil twin Bloodwraith so the less we say about it the better.

And we’re done.

Nothing terrible here and nothing great. It feels like white rice: Bulk. A little tasty at times. But it needs a lot more.

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