NIGHTWATCH #1-12 (1993-1994)

Remember how cool Spawn was when he first appeared? This is not Spawn. And this is truly terrible. He fights a bunch of villains who kinda look like him (e.g. Venom) or are as irrelevant as him (e.g., Cardiac), and new villains who meet both requirements (e.g. Flashpoint).

The guest stars are often the same (e.g., Warrant), or are clearly generic attempts to bring in fans (e.g., Venom, Spider-Man).

Nightwatch is black, though, so I guess being diverse is a plus?

He dies in issue #12 when he goes back in time to kill himself in the future (don’t ask). That’s definitely a plus. But then he’s kinda back in the last panel…Or is he?

Ooooh! Ambiguity!

God save us all from the mid-’90s. How could comics be so bad at a time when hip hop was so great?

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