EXCALIBUR #104-105 (1996-1997)

In addition to (barely) advancing the half-a-dozen-or-so ongoing subplots, this story begins to answer whether Douglock is the reincarnation of Cypher and Warlock, or something altogether different.

Kitty Pryde, intent on discovering the truth, goes to Cypher’s grave to see if his body is buried there.

It is.

But in the end, we don’t learn what Douglock is. I think it’s a being made of both of those characters, though, so I’ll still be tagging it with their individual tags. More work for me, but it makes the most sense if you’re someone who wants to go back and look at all the Warlock and/or Cypher appearances.

It’s frustrating that the X-writers insist on myriad subplots and ongoing “mysteries,” but none of them ever feel truly resolved in a satisfying way.

Meanwhile, the Mutant Liberation Front attacks Muir Island and Dani Moonstar, who is working with MLF, tries to stop them.

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