PRYDE AND WISDOM #1-3 (1996)

Warren Ellis continues to “Ellis-ify” the X-verse by giving Kitty and Pete a three-issue murder mystery. The duo hunt a serial killer, who is also a mutant, on the streets of England.

They’re brought in by the British Secret Service.

But the real meat of this book is in the relationship that develops between the title characters. We learn a lot more about Pete Wisdom, who really hasn’t gotten much of a history at this point. (By the time this came out, Pryde was already a cult hero. This series didn’t really advance that status, but it did capitalize on it.)

We learn his mother was killed while waiting for him to show up for a meeting that he never intended to make–so he’s got some guilt that’s pretty similar to Peter Parker and Batman. In the end, we learn that Kitty’s into S&M…


The series also introduces The Alchemist, a British mutant who protects other mutants. She creates tools like inhibitor guns and magic stones–she’s very much a Warren Ellis creation.

She has transmutation powers (obviously) and tries to shield the killer from Pryde and Wisdom, but fails and ends up getting arrested.

She’ll have a few more appearances.

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