This issue starts a grand tradition–invoked most often by Chris Claremont–of superheroes playing baseball.

Then, it’s on to Wakanda.

First, it’s dinner in Wakanda.  Then…

The Inhumans return, but it’s the panel above that makes this issue worth a read.  It’s a Maximus story, in which he does bad by doing good.

The rest is mostly Human Torch and Wyatt Wingfoot.


Ka-Zar hates guns.

Ka-Zar barely knows JJJ for five minutes and he senses he’s an asshat.  But he still follows his instructions and goes after Spider-Man.

And messes up JJJ’s plans in the end.

spidey meets ka zar

Footnote to his statement that never before has he fought a more valiant foe: Ka-Zar had already met the X-Men at this point.  And Daredevil.  Proving Spider-Man is “more valiant” than they are.  Also:

Aunt May is hospitalized, and Spidey steals a sandwich.