Silver Surfer #40-43 (1990)

Jim Starlin returns, and brings Thanos with him.  Thanos let the universe believe he was dead at the end of Silver Surfer #38, so we start with Surfer and some other powerful dudes looking over Thanos’ “body.”

Turns out, Thanos left a last will and testament.  A space droid from Dynamo City tracks Surfer down and demands he appear on their planet as part of an investigation into Thanos’ death, since they had recently granted Thanos citizenship.

Once there Surfer is trapped, forced to become a “citizen” and support himself by getting a job…

He is then put on trial. The trial process is…Unfair.

He gets sentenced to death. 

But of course, he gets free of this madness in the end.

Great story–very funny—it feels like a 1960s existential experiment.

A brilliant, must-read set of issues.

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