Issue #124’s short story is about Solo.  He fights the new Tarantula.  And if you like Solo, you’re the only one. 

There are so many problems with this story, but likely they could have been fixed if the creators had had more than 8 pages to tell it. Here’s a few: Solo is in an airport, armed to the gills, and nobody notices. He’s wearing a trenchcoat, but we all know those disguises don’t work.

His teleportation powers are insanely accurate. He ports on to the plane and just happens to pop in right between two terrorists and can easily stab them both in their hearts.

He throws Tarantula off the plane (no decompression in the cabin, either), but Tarantula has a “built in parachute.” Then the plane crashes but Solo teleports away.

I could go on, but I’ve already written more for this 8-pager than I do for some multi-issue stories. (I guess that means it interested me in some way…)

This is the second time he and Tarantula have gone at it. It would have been better to have made this a one-shot or a miniseries, where we could really see Solo do something other than teleport.

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