FANTASTIC FOUR #224-225 (1980): Thor Team Up

These are pretty standard stories.  The team goes on an adventure, Franklin gets left behind. Franklin is kind of annoying in this story–just like a little kid should be.  But why doesn’t he have any friends his own age?


The story goes like this: There are some Vikings who live in the arctic and have all kinds of advanced weaponry and Harleys with spiked tires.  They serve a dying God has the ability to grab tech for them out-of-time. 

 The FF can’t quite defeat the God, so Odin and Thor come in and save the day.

The cool part is seeing Bill S. draw Thor.


Thankfully, this is the last issue for this creative team.  From there, they go focus their efforts on the much better book, Moon Knight.  Speaking of which, in this very issue…

Isn’t that a poster of Jim Salicrup on the wall?

Graded as a D- . And not an F only because I have mad respect and love for Moench and Sienkiewicz for creating what may be my favorite comic of the 1980s decade.

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