Alias #2-5 (2001-2002)

Picking up from last issue, Jessica has a tape of Steve Rogers changing into his Captain America uniform. She doesn’t want to have it. She recognizes that she has to deliver it to her client, and it could undermine one of the most important and best people in the world.

But at the same time, the woman Steve Rogers was with right before he changed into his super alter-ego is now dead. Strangled. And since she had been paid to tail the woman, the cops think Jessica did it. The “interrogation” scene is classic Bendis…

It is interrupted when Matt Murdock arrives and serves as her lawyer.

This initial arc is largely wrapped when we learn that SHIELD was aware of all of this, and they ensure Jessica’s protection from prosecution and have Cap himself show up to collect the tape.

There’s also some backstory, not fully revealed, indicating that Jessica and Carol Danvers used to be close friends but something happened to cause a rift. Cap tells Jessica to fix things with Carol.

When Brian Michael Bendis was becoming a national comic book sensation, his work had many trademark characteristics unique to a Bendis joint. They’re all on display here. Alias is all the reasons so many people love him–and also way those who don’t love him, tend to detest him. Lots of tight dialogue. Quirky plot twists. An emphasis on slow burn and signficant absence of action.

Me, personally, I love it.

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