JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA VOL. 1, #183-185: “Crisis on New Genesis”


The first truly great JLA story of Gerry Conway’s run, and much of the reason it’s great is sad.


IMG_0306Dick Dillin, who had been drawing this book for over a hundred issues, died suddenly of a heart attack.  So why does this sad news make this set of issues great?

Dillin was replaced by a rotating group of artists starting with … George Perez! Perez was the best DC artist of the 1980s, and just may be the best artist in the history of comics.  And if you don’t believe me, believe a gentleman,who decades later became the highest paid comic book artist of all time….Todd McFarlane!  (His letter appeared in issue #197.


On top of the wonderful art, Conway is working with easily the best characters Jack Kirby ever created for DC: The New Gods.



With all that going for him, it would be hard for Gerry to fail.


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