CAPTAIN MARVEL #58-62 (1978): Series ends

This book ends with #62, and it’s running on fumes. And speaking of fumes, Cap’s been doing something that gave him a hangover…

This story is four issues of Cap and Drax, who first fight and then team-up against ISAAC, which is the computer system that runs Thanos’ home planet, Titan.

We see his origin.

Drax fights Mar-Vell because he learns Marv killed Thanos, and Drax really wanted to do that. Seriously. That’s his motivation.

He’s a psycho.

It ends with Rick Jones, now a huge rock star, and his girlfriend flying off with Mar-Vell to have adventures.

The art is good and the actual writing isn’t terrible, but the plot is thin.

On the letters page is an editor blurb advising that Cap’s adventures with Gertie will continue in Marvel Spotlight. Translated: They’ll burn off Moench and Broderick’s completed stories in another title.

It won’t make the comics any better.=

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