AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #51-54 (2003): 1st Digger

Decades ago, thirteen mob bosses (called the “Vegas Thirteen”) were killed, cut up, and buried at a Gamma Bomb test site. The dead bodies mutated and fused and became this dude:

Digger. And he’s out to kill the fourteenth mob boss’ family.

Spider-Man defeats him in the end, and he literally falls to pieces–at the site of Gwen Stacy memorial library.


But unlike Taylor Smith, Digger at some point will come back together.

While the villain is falling apart, Peter and MJ are back together and are learning how to be a couple where Peter is fully transparent and MJ tries to accept his role as Spider-Man.


At the beginning of the arc, MJ isn’t ready to go to bed again but by the end…

This run is probably the only the one that consistently made “married Peter” work for me.

I’m a big, BIG fan of the JMS/JR Jr. run on Amazing Spider-Man. This is the weakest story arc so far. It’s not bad, it’s just not as great as the preceding stories.

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