UNCANNY X-MEN #168 (1983): 1st Madelyne Pryor; Prof X is a jerk


Iconic splash page. But Illyana kinda gets the better dis, right on the next page.

She’s mad because Xavier won’t let her go on X-missions.

And this is interesting…

Kitty can feel temperatures while she is phasing? But she can’t be harmed? So what happens if she phases into a volcano, will she feel like she is being burned alive but not actually burn?

Wolverine leaves the team for a bit.

And Professor X does too.

Lots of Kitty in this issue, great character moments.

Then she fights a bunch of Sidrian Hunters.

With the help of Lockheed.

Also: Cyclops is trying to find himself. He has been with Lee Forrester on an island, but he leaves her…

…And meets Madelyne Pryor for the first time.

And Nightcrawler gets sexy for Amanda Sefton.

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