AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #66-67 (1968)

Mysterio breaks out of prison and swears revenge on Spider-Man.  We get an unusual shot of him without his fishbowl.

I don’t recall seeing him unmasked before.

He appears at a TV studio where Peter Parker happens to be as well.


Irony!  (He’s looking for Spidey, and brushing Parker aside.)

He goes on TV and tells Spidey to meet him at a place only they know about.

Now why would Peter go rush right into a trap?  Why not ask for help from Human Torch or something? Anyway, there’s a big, fun fight at an amusement park and Spider-Man….Wins!

Meanwhile, Normal Osborn’s amnesia is fading and he’s starting to remember (a) that he’s Green Goblin and (b) that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

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