HOWARD THE DUCK #15-21 (1977-1978): 1st Dr. Bong

So again, I’m not going into a blow-by-blow describing the plotting and events in these issues because Howard the Duck is much more about ideas than story.

Like a distinguished sea serpent in a top hat. And the villainous Dr. Bong, whose head is shaped like a bell but whose name is clearly a double entendre reference to drugs.

Bong is the closest thing to a “rogue” in Howard’s rogue’s gallery. He and Howard have an extended conflict during which Howard is temporarily turned human.

And then of course there’s the famous issue #16–all text. It’s called “Deadline Doom” and it’s a book-long essay, with one-picture-per-double-page-spread, used to explain Steve Gerber’s creative process. This issue is a grade A+ issue. It stands out from the rest. It is of the best single-issue stories of all time, according to this objectively accurate list. I probably should have given it its own post, but I’m just not enjoying the ones around it to break this up.

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