Marvel Graphic Novel: Spider-Man: Fear Itself (1992): 1st Baroness Zemo

This is a one-shot with a script by Stan Lee, so…You get it.  It’s pretty dumb.

Basically, some magic crystals make people scared so the story is called Fear Itself, and Silver Sable and Spider-Man first fight each other and then try to recover them.  Meanwhile, Arnim Zola puts the original Zemo’s brain waves into the body of a woman using the same cloning process that revived Hitler into the Hate Monger’s form and also returned Red Skull. And thus, we have a new, female Baroness Zemo.

She dresses like a bad dominatrix. And I don’t mean “bad dominatrix” in a good way.

So lots of Captain America history here.  But Cap himself doesn’t appear except in flashbacks.

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