X-MEN #4-7 (1992): 1st Omega Red, Maverick, Birdy

The transition of Chris Claremont out of both X-Men and Marvel is assisted by John Byrne, who writes issues #4 and 5 before Scott Lobdell takes over.  There’s some plot-seeding-and-watering, with Moira going back to Muir Island after her manipulation of Magneto’s psyche was uncovered last issue. She’s having nightmares about it.

Rogue and Gambit start dating, Dazzler and Lila Cheney are being brought into some Longshot drama (which provides the cliffhanger for the next story), etc.  Even some basketball.

But most of the story is about half the X-Men fighting Ninjas/Fenris (working for Omega) and the other half taking on Omega Red. 

He is summoned by Hand leader Matsuo Tsurayaba. There are hints that he’s an old character, even if this is the first time we’re seeing him, and that he has a history with Wolverine. Logan calls him “Arkady.” Also, he’s Russian.

This is also the first appearance of Maverick. 

He knows Logan, but Logan doesn’t seem to know him.  And Sabretooth arrives to prevent them from getting acquainted.

He tries to stop Logan from freeing the X-Men, who were captured by Omega Red.  They get captured a lot these days.  Then it’s more fighting.

Maverick appears to be on the side of the X-Men, as he saves Wolverine from Omega Red (who was torturing him).

After freeing all the X-Men, Omega Red escapes. Wolverine and Maverick hunt down The Hand and Doctor Cornelius–one of the Weapon X scientists–and kill them.

Most of these issues are mindless violence. Lots of new characters are introduced, The Hand now use weapons (ugh), but the ideas aren’t all that new. Future guys coming to the present to change the timeline. Mutant-hunting. Etc. Lots of people love ’90s X-Men.

I really don’t.

And adding to the ugh factor, Mojo returns at the end.

But there is this:

Sabretooth gets dressed up and has an assistant named Birdy.



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