HELLSTORM #16 (1994)

This is an awesome issue. In just 28 pages, Warren Ellis tells us that Daimon’s mother was literally driven mad after she bedded Satan and produced Daimon and Satana. We get an update on his sister, who, we’re told, was working as a prostitute for a bit and now has developed a taste for human souls.

We also learn that Satan is a generic name for powerful demons–there is not only one Satan. That explains a lot, because Marvel has multiple, differing depictions of the devil. Daimon Hellstrom’s dad is actually named Marduk Kurios.

I am NOT going back to re-tag all the appearances of Daimon Hellstrom’s father to change them to Marduk Kurios. However, when a version of satan is clearly identified, I will tag him as Kurious–just as I do with Mephisto (who was simply Satan in early issues of Ghost Rider).

We also see that Daimon has successfully murdered his father and has taken to the throne of Hell. But it is not a sweet victory.

He misses Hellcat.

All of this is told as flashback–it’s clearly set up for what Ellis wants to do with this book. It’s ambitious, original, and fascinating.

It’s also 1994, so I’m betting it won’t end up going well.

On the letters page, Garth Ennis writes in.

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