Without a doubt, Valeria Doom is the most long-lasting result of Chris Claremont’s run on Fantastic Four.

She’s here in the 616 now and Reed Richards verifies that she is in fact the daughter of Susan Richards and Doctor Doom.

Valeria hears the pair talking about her, gets upset, and runs away to the Latverian embassy where she learns that Stryfe is taking over her “father’s” homeland and that Doctor Doom himself has been missing for quite some time (he “died” during Onslaught).

Meanwhile, She-Hulk fights Titania and Absorbing Man again and the fight spills on to the streets, where Valeria happens to come upon it and…Look, there’s a big dumb fight, Valeria does pretty well, and Susan Richards accepts Val as her daughter in the end.

I can’t say this comic is good but I guess it’s not as bad as the ones that preceded it, so that’s a good thing. I still hate all these alternate Richardses from alternate realities, but at least we seem to be moving away from all the Excalibur leftovers and getting into real Fantastic Four comics that focus on family.

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