CAPTAIN MARVEL #4-6 (2000)

What makes a Peter David comic great is the jokes and the little character moments. A plot summary really doesn’t do it justice. But that’s what this blog is about, so…

Moondragon is on Earth, trying to work with Rick Jones, who is sharing a body with Genis Vell. She tells Rick that Vell’s cosmic awareness is working overtime, and Rick can access it even when he is occupying the body he shares with Genis Vell.

Moondragon is a pain in the ass.

Drax is also on Earth and he wants to fight Captain Marvel, but during the battle het gets mixed up in the Nega Band switch, so that he gets sent to the Negative Zone with Captain Marvel, and Rick returns to Earth. Only it’s not the Negative Zone–it’s the Microverse.

The two of them then have an adventure on Jarella’s old world, where Drax is mistaken for Hulk and worshipped as a king. Then they meet the Micronauts, which is always fun.

Meanwhile Moondragon tries to get him to bring them both back. He refuses, and uses the Nega Band power to tie up Moondragon and force her to listen to music.

Sorry–not music. Korn and Limp Bizkit.

Fun set of issues. The fact that there’s a different artist for each one doesn’t even detract.

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