NEW WARRIORS #73-75 (1996): Garthan Saal dies; Rich Rider is Nova again; series ends

Were you waiting for a story that focused not so much on the origins of the two people who have been sharing the Torpedo armor but on the origin of the armor itself? No? Me neither.

But it turns out, it was created for a Dire Wraith named Volx. Nova wannabe Garthan Saal heads to Earth to help The New Warriors stop Volx who, in addition to having the Turbo armor, has one of Forge’s old power-neutralizer weapons and is holding Power Pack’s spaceship, Friday, hostage.

Meanwhile, Mad Thinker is teasing information that he leaks to Night Thrasher, so Thrasher finally gets around to trying to figure out what happened to Namorita (she was kidnapped several issues ago). Namorita is being held by General Obsidian, and Thrasher and Rage invade his underwater base to rescue her, and then join the big space battle.

In the ensuing fight, Garthan Saal dies (yay!) and gives Richard Rider the Nova powers back by spurting them into his face.

Volx dies, too.

We end with the expected Group shot, everyone forgives each other for all kinds of stuff, but the team does NOT disband so they’re around–they just don’t have their own comic any more. The next volume of New Warriors won’t start until 1999.

Also, Firestar proposes marriage to Justice. We dont’ get to know the answer.

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