Spectacular Spider-Man #146-148 and Web of Spider-Man #47-48 (1989): 1st Demigoblin; Harry Osborn is Green Goblin

These Inferno cross-over issues are, interestingly enough, pretty much stand-alones.  

Bunch of done-in-one tie-ins to Inferno, with a lizard fight thrown in.  And a zombie sequence.

In issue #148, Betty Brant’s dead husband, Ned Leeds, appears to have returned from the dead as a zombie, as a result of the machinations of the Inferno demons.  Not consequential, but a decent tale.

The only significant aspect of these issues is that Harry is turning Goblin again.

At the same time the new Hobgoblin is upping his presence.

So Green Goblin decides to take him on.

I like that Hobgoblin is outclassed.

And he’s an ally to Spider-Man now.

Spider-Man learns that this is not the Hobgoblin he used to know.

The Inferno event interferes with the ongoing story.

And J. Jonah Jameson doesn’t know what to do about the Inferno event.

But at least he gets an action sequence.

An event of fairly big significance: Hobgoblin becomes an actual demon.


Actually, it’s kind of a Ghost Rider thing–Macendale and Demigoblin are separate beings, but Demi- won’t be seen separate from Macendale’s body until 1992.

Looks like a Goblin battle is starting.

Also, Kingpin punches a demon in the face.


And Eduardo Lobo is still circling Gloria Grant.

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