AVENGERS #189 (1979)

Michelinie was still missing, so Steven Grant stopped by to write a few issues.  This issue, a fan favorite, was a solo Hawkeye story versus Deathbird.

The opening sequence has Thor leaving the mansion as Falcon arrives, and shows the effects of not having air traffic control.

Hawkeye gets a job working for Cross Technology.  Why?

Because he is replaced by Falcon and put on stand-by, as a governmental affirmative action effort. Interesting to see the usually left-leaning Marvel taking this approach.

Hawkeye gets the job by breaking in to the manager’s office, and inspiring so much confidence…

…by shooting his hand with an arrow, that the guy feels he has to hire him.

If an Avenger showed up at your office and offered to be your new security chief, why would you need any convincing?

At first, he’s bored at work. Until an alarm sounds…

Deathbird is trying to steal tech. So it’s arrows vs javelins.

Now don’t get me wrong. This is a really fun issue. But Deathbird usually fights Ms. Marvel and powerful X-Men. Hawkeye should not be able to stop her.

I think people like Hawkeye because he’s not super powered, and writers generally make him relatable–even if he’s a male chauvinist pig.

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